About Us

For 25 years DOTOLO BROS. MASONRY, founded by brothers Tom and Bob Dotolo, have been servicing the finest communities in RI and Southeastern CT. Even in the hi-tech, fast paced world we live in, masonry finds its place in almost any property as it offers timelessness and unsurpassed beauty to the building industry.

To the Dotolo brothers, the satisfaction goes beyond the aesthetic beauty. Creating works of art, satisfying their clients and knowing their work will stand for a lifetime and beyond brings a sense that words can’t express. Our grandfather migrated from Adriano, Italy near Naples at the turn of the century and became a master stone cutter and top quality mason throughout Westerly. Today we carry on in the same rich tradition and quality, DOTOLO BROTHERS MASONRY take pride in a trade that is millenniums old but still in vogue. “Where Quality is the Difference” is more than their logo, it is truly their creed.

Our quest to always improve and gain expertise reflects our company mission “Promote thru Professionalism” and it is as strong today as the day we started 25 years ago.