Masonry Newport, RI

“OLDWORLD STONEWORK” with a ‘NEW’ World Twist ~ Now-a-days everyone is cost conscious, doing more with less, saving money, or trying to find deals seems to be most peoples mantra ~ getting all that you want whatever the cost is the exception …… a bye-gone time. So when something comes along which allows you to save money and still get what you want it needs to be recognized, and that is exactly what’s taking place with the thinstone marketplace. The warm charm of real stone, with its aesthetic beauty can once again be had by using thinstone (material which is 11/2” in thickness). No longer is there a need for footings, labor to cut & prep the stone or artisan techniques used in setting the material, leading to lower costs. In the hands of true craftsmen this stone can be installed with a few less steps so one saves a little while benefiting from its beauty.