Stonemakers "Rail Road Tie" Replication, Westerly, RI

One of the advantages of the Stonemakers process is it can replicate nearly anything used in todays hardscapes. The challenge presented on this particular job was the type of repair required and it's location (limited space along backside of pool). Stonemakers was chosen for several reasons, the first was it's intergral strength. The reinforced concrete will outlast superiorly over wood railroad ties every time. The 2nd reason is ease if installation the concrete is placed( stacked) in such a way that no forms are necessary which allows for rapid installs subsequently creating lower costs for the homeowner (cheaper prices). Lastly, the Stonemakrs process has tremendous decorative capabilities. The concrete can be shaped, molded & manipulated in such a way that it truyly is limited to just your imagination. This allow you (homeowner) to be able to create & obtain all those design features you may have wanted but had not been able to afford. This ingenious process allows for both - great design at affordable pricing.